One Less Bush Supporter

One Less Bush Supporter

Photo by Jim Bourg, Reuters

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  2. babies can detect emotianal energy and can obviously detect bush's EVIL energy!

  3. Bush is a moron! he shall be judged one day! his time will come sooner or later. .

  4. i would cry too.

  5. Another one of Obamas brats !

  6. Yeah the baby is looking at Obama.

  7. I became a millionaire with W in office, hes awesome.

  8. YOU became a millionaire? well that's great..i'm glad you are living it up while the other 80% of americans go without toilet paper..douschebag.

  9. ha bush is gay obama haters suck and i feel bad for the baby

  10. GO BUSH

  11. Bush's got a buger! Poor kid

  12. bush has a bat in the cave...haha!!!

  13. 80% of American's go without toilet paper? Wow. I was part of the elite 20% all this time and I never knew.

  14. Another silly photo of bloodthirsty Bush.

  15. that is so awesome,im part of the twenty percent of americans with toilet paper, i am so amazing, all you other americans should be envious, i can clean my butt

  16. "i will kill your babies... o wait, i forgot i already did. how could i forget about my favorite game, IRAQ? boy do i feel sorry for the sad asshole after me. not."

  17. [...] Island were a blog it would be a page dedicated to 9/11 ‘truthers’, awash with theories on Bush speeches and Dan Brown numerology, tales of secret establishments and handshakes. The kind of site [...]

  18. Wow how wonderful...............

  19. Ну так и без недостатков и достоинства не так заметны 🙂

  20. If i were Bush i would have a Mexican Vice president and my last thing as president would be to open the border!
    So I can stay president forever!!

  21. Aww. Obama bankrupted that baby too?

  22. lol @ Mikey, hahahahahahahahahahaha

  23. crazy bush

  24. That baby knows bush is a terrorist

  25. Can't we just agree that all political systems, however necessary, have at least a few(if not more) fault points? Presidents do what they are elected to do, which is hear out both majorities and minorities. That does not necessarily mean they listen, just means they are aware. They try, but fail ...a lot. Would it be to forward to save this directly reflects most of America (and most other nations)? It's funny how many Americans talk shit about their own country, but when other nationalities do the same thing they suddenly become patriotic in some way. Sadly, this applies to everyone, no matter nationality. We are all hypocrites, somewhat.

  26. 80% of Americans go without toilet paper ? You guys never heard of tree bark ?

  27. damn, i happen to be a 20% While the other 80% leech off of the 20% who do work for there living.

  28. So true, that one thing Obamas trying to pass only benefits the people who don't pay taxes.... Not us who have to work for our living. He even tried to pass a law that allowed illegals to vote. They don't even pay taxes!

  29. your mom

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