Not A Morsel Wasted

Dog With His Head In A Can

8 Responses to "Not A Morsel Wasted"


  2. that is so cute

  3. Pedigree has salomonella in it. Don't feed it to your dogs. There was a case with the ASPCA where dogs were poisoned from it.

  4. Me... I read a couple of other posts, are you afraid of germs or some shit?? who gives a crap if pedigree has salomenella or if caviar its made in dirty water you must live in a bubble.

  5. i agree with marco

  6. love that little boddy of that cute thing i dont now if thats really dog dont show face bot cute any wais

  7. natrual pedigree is good for the dogs though.

  8. well.. it looks cute, there is no doubt. but it's stupid too. this puppy is gonna' hurt himself by pushing his head into this can, and then it's not gonna' be a very cute sight..

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