Do Not Try At Home

Strap-On Skateboard

Photo by Romain Laurent

11 Responses to "Do Not Try At Home"

  1. Poor "sk8ers" didn't realize the car already had wheels. I would personally like to know who's idea this was and what they thought was so great about it.

  2. "What"? Why isnt this a good idea? Its a well composed pic and i like it alot! Good job!

  3. @What:

    you can almost hear all the fun being sucked out of the room.

  4. Yes, it was put together well, but it's dumb. Enough said.

  5. scary

  6. ...How will it stop?? This will not end well.

    Or, perhaps it will; depends on your point of view, I suppose.

  7. crazy

  8. How the boards don't snap under the weight of the car and the people inside is anyone's guess. the smell of urethane would be terrible, oo.

  9. Great, If It Actually Worked!

  10. jajajaja, que buan foto, la verdad que valor de los chavos para usar de llantas los skates

  11. this is SO obviously photoshopped, good job though

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