Mind Blowing

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  1. do we really want to teach children that this is what will happen if they read?

  2. You're an idiot.

  3. No, we are teaching them to use logic and to be smart enough to know their head will not really explode and get the metaphor.

  4. Great!!! xD

  5. one of the funniest ones so far

  6. Because obviously this is something children will view. IDIOT

  7. Mixed feelings on this one.

  8. Oh snap! he must have said...................................

  9. I want to read that book now... what can there be so mind blowing?

  10. As I look at all of your post you all don't seem to really take this seriously and see how powerful it is. It shows the *children that books affect your mind and imagination in an extraordinary way. And since most kids watch tv this picture could effectively change their lives. And I don't think some of you really get this... when one viewer says it could have negative effects on children multiple people say "IDIOT".So first of all relax this is a picture that is up to interpretation so you should except and enjoy that their are people prepared to except that things can have different outcomes than people might first think. When people call eachother idiots they accomplish nothing, but make people feel like their dumb when in truth they added possibly the most important part of the discussion and after they get hated for it they decide that they must have no idea what their talking about and hold their intelligence back and keep it locked inside their head...I mainly wanted to say relax and let people speak their minds without verbal persecution

  11. @StubbornOptimist.... shove it!!


  13. hahhaaa my school didn'tn block this websight

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