Size Long

Extra Long Converse Sneakers

Found at Scuffletown

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  1. Haha. That's hilarious. (:

  2. HOLY CRAP !

  3. those are some biq ass shoes

  4. omg those are huge!!!
    lol daym i feel sorry for them ppl jkjk

  5. LOL!!!

  6. holly s**t those shoes r so huge lol

  7. oh mi holy crap! that cant be real! wow this is like, and amazing breakthough in Converse history! xD

  8. aha, i wish i had a pair of those XD

  9. fit to snake only
    snake wear this shoes

  10. i would want to pay for that persons shoes
    if thats what their soes look like i cant imagin what size clothes they wear.

  11. that is so cool!!! it must have taken hours(or longer)to make those shoes. but why would they make them,is int a just a waste of time? but awesome anyways!!!=)

  12. i def wanna pair!! i would def roc thoses in meh skool n i would b da onle 1 2 wear dem two!!!!!!

  13. wow, that's so weird!! but the picture is obviously photo-shopped. awesome, though!

  14. Nice but sadly they're photoshopped.

  15. I say wetin dey happen shaggae aaaahhhhh!!!!!

  16. LOL footlong subway sandwish hahaha xD

  17. those are awesome

  18. [...] source [...]

  19. who wore them?

  20. chutiya bana rahe ho ,.,.,.,.

  21. astig'''i lov it

  22. huh.. i didn't know converse made condoms. :/

  23. Damn..them hav got 2be sum long ass shoe laces.>>

  24. they r just too big


  26. those are some bigg asss shoes

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