Light Bulb Aquarium

10 Responses to "Light Bulb Aquarium"

  1. poor fish 🙁

    cool picture though

  2. o.o don't connect it to the lamp or you'll get fishsticks

  3. the fish is so awesome!!!!!!

  4. yeah totally! love it!

  5. Great Job 😉

  6. i hope they know goldfish get over a foot long...

  7. WOW
    It's so inspiring.

  8. Goldfish only grow to fit their environment, and this is a photoshop anyway.

  9. No It isn't photoshopped. One my friends bought one online.
    It is actually a big light bulb with medium sized fish. Like an oversized Lightbulb

  10. Lol. I bought one and it works great but it is so weard to look on the counter and see a huge lightbulb with fish in it.

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