Well-Fed Wildcat

8 Responses to "Well-Fed Wildcat"

  1. Too much junk food!

  2. Cheeseburger?

  3. this is a phallas cat

  4. Totally cool cat! Love this one!!

  5. Actually, it's not a fat cat. It's callled the Phallas cat. It's the size of a domestic cat, but has an extra bushy coat and tail. It can be found in Mongolia and Central Asia.

  6. The Manul Cat, also known as Pallas' Cat. The technical name for Pallas' Cat is Otocolobus Manul, and this cat lives in the cold, remote and mountainous regions of Mongolia, Tibet, Afghanistan, Western China and Russia, and Northern India and Pakistan.

  7. Toooooooooo fat!!!!!!!!


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