Human Hamster

7 Responses to "Human Hamster"

  1. The one I tried was great!...but standing up isn't easy. I could breathe with the one I was in. Can SHE breathe?

  2. wow.
    thats super cool.
    i wanna try.

  3. i wonder what happens when she steps past the yellow lines. does she get shocked?

  4. I have tried this and there are air holes, it's sooooo fun!

  5. OMG ive wanted to try that soooo bad. it looks like soo much fun being trapped inside one of those. just to be left sealed up in there for a few hours. that would be sooo awsome!!!!

  6. omg!! this looks like it would be so much fun i want one for myself!! haha does anyone know where i could get one it looks like it would be a great christmas present!!!

  7. where can I rent or buy

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