Horse Inspection

Horse Inspection

Photographer : Yann Arthus-Bertrand

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  1. OMG Thats so awesome! hehe...I'm a horse lover and it would take a lot of trust from the horse to do that! 😀

  2. it looks dead and thats not funny

  3. it looks like BEASTIALITY....and THATS not funny.

  4. umm i don't think that is right the horse looks dead or something to me.....??

  5. FAKE!!!!!!!

  6. no, its not fake. I`ve seen the hole book of Bizzare and every photo in that book is real. buy the book and look! its Awesome!

  7. it wouldnt be dead it would just be a very nice and trustworthy horse
    but the picture dont look that rite

  8. This photo is copyrighted to Yann Arthus-Bertrand who is in my opinion one of the best photographers in the world. This photo is in his book 'Horses'. The horse is alive- how could a dead horse hold its head in that way? It is an Argentinian Criollo and it is not a fake photo.

  9. That is disgusting. And look at the poor horse's hindleg. It's covered in blood. What a bastard.

  10. That not blood thatis the color of the horse and the lighing to make it that way and i have the book that the pic is in and everything done in the book is safe.

  11. Actually, it just looks like they sedated it to give it an inspection. People o that sometimes if the horse needs to be checked somewhere but is too aggressive or green.

  12. it looks dead and is probily cut out of a slaughter house pic and pasted on to a pic of a man leaning over of he is in a slaghter house killing that poor horse LONG LIVE HORSES

  13. The leg is not covered in blood and it is probably not sedated. Look at this link:
    The same horse is the third from the right at the top. Its not dead because the photographer would not photograph a dead animal like this. madison, they do not kill horses in a slaughter house like this...

  14. The horse isn't dead, it's just trained really well. You can teach a horse to do anything, sit, lie down, anything. If you can teach a dog a trick you can teach a horse the same trick. I have 6 Arabs and they all roll, of course, and when they roll I'm usually right next to them. I can get them to let me touch them on their bellies when they are on their backs. You have to trust the horse, and the horse has to totally trust you. Obviously most of you that commented know absolutely nothing about horses and are too ignorant to take the time and just do a little research.
    I have seen the book of photos and all the pictures are real and not faked.

  15. love that lol so fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyy love it that horse looks dead anyways that horse did take alot of turst in you lol nice picture

  16. Wow it would take years to build that much truest. Thats amazing i hope to have that much truest with my horse.

  17. i dont no if the horse is dead but i have horses and they trust me and i have one that will lay on the ground for me but i have never seen anything like this if its real then great but if the horse is dead then the man needs to be shot

  18. It's just a horse. Who cares if it's dead or alive? I'm personally more concerned about the lack of punctuation on this thread. 🙂

  19. Actually it looks as if the horse is "cast" - it's lain down too close to a wall and got stuck because it can't get its legs under it - and the handler is inspecting the legs for damage prior to helping it to roll the other way and get up.

    But since the picture appears to be a studio pose, presumably the horse has been trained to roll over, or just likes doing so. He or she looks as though it's rubbing its mane up and down on the canvas to scratch an itch.

  20. you guys are so immature it is just a picture and who cares about a book!!!:) DUHHHH!*

  21. The majority of you are idiots.

  22. The horse is simply trained to do that as well as many others tricks I'm sure or perhaps "whitehound" is correct; though it could be as simple as the horse is taught to lay down so the owner can fully stretch his back legs out properly... There is many different training methods to train horses in this way; how do you think movie horses are trained people!!! So maybe before so many of you go and make yourselves sound like complete fools you should do some research first!!! Wow that was hard wasn't it!

  23. to all people who think this is fake... It isnt, there are amasing people out there who can connect with horses extremely well and there for do not belive in using any heavy tack. Just trust, for example Klaus Ferdinand can make horses do beautiful things like this without putting any stress on the horse.

  24. it's not fake :

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