Happy Variety Meats

12 Responses to "Happy Variety Meats"

  1. Guess this is a good gimmick to get kids to eat this nasty stuff....

  2. what the hell kind of store sells funny meat? AND I thought *my* store was ghetto! MWAH

  3. looks like sainsburys!

  4. Wow. That is one of the most hideous and yet delightful things I've ever seen!

  5. anpanman

  6. I used to love this meat...there was one Tesco did called Billy Bear, the same idea but with a bear face.

  7. i'm not sure i want to eat someone's face...

  8. looks good , I have a lunch meat fettish!!!

  9. that is really creepy and disgusting looking

  10. Holy moly. I never kept kosher before, but after seeing clown meat, I think I may have to. That is awesomely horrible and horribly awesome.

  11. When I was in England I saw the teddy bear meat! I couldn't remember what it was called...Billy Bear! It looked like a kind of bologna...

  12. Omg i looooove that meat
    i used to always have it when i was younger
    i going to the shop tomorrow and getting some haha
    Dam its yummy

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