Grab Tee

Hand Grab T-Shirt

T-Shirt Design by Stephen Dillon-Malone

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  1. hej! 🙂 Where I can get such a shirt?



  2. I WANT!

  3. I love this for me and my boyfriend!

  4. This looks like a shirt from threadless
    I recognize the guy in the back as one of their models and they have cool shirts like that.

  5. where can i get this shirt there out do you know what was the name of it i know its threadless but what the name of the shirt please answer it

  6. Why just use one hand?

  7. The tshirt design is titled "Living Doll" by Stephen Dillon-Malone

    You can find it through This Link.

  8. this shirt was part of threadless' monthly tee club, so you can't buy the shirt elsewhere anymore. Sad story because it's the best shirt ever.

  9. Threadless will reprint tees that are sold out if enough people click on 'reprint'! The link to request a reprint is just below the tee sizes on the Threadless page linked two posts above.
    I want this so bad! Please please click on the link everyone


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