Ready For Halloween

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern House

via Interbent

6 Responses to "Ready For Halloween"

  1. :O Fire hazard. But impressive looking!

  2. Wow, looks like they have a lot of time on their hands!!

  3. i agree with kiera

  4. Thats in my town. Search Pumpkin Houde Ceredo Kenova West Virginia, awesome

  5. 1) "How did they manage to light that many candles and snap that picture before the first ones burned out?"
    2) "Wouldn't that many candles be quite a fire hazard?"
    3) "I wonder if they might be electrically lit...?"
    4) "A jack o'lantern Noah's Ark -- that is some non sequitur!"

  6. that is so awesome!

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