Gigantic Bunnies

Giant Rabbits

Giant Rabbit | Karl Szmolinsky

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23 Responses to "Gigantic Bunnies"

  1. OMG! Those rabbits are huge. Bigger than my dog that is for sure. All I can say is WOW

  2. Yeah, those bunnies are huge. I think I saw something about them once before, isn't that guy growing them in Germany or something? They are cute, and also bigger than my dog. lol.

  3. wow...those are some big rabbits!! I worked at a pet store and saw a rabbit that was really big..took up half of a 55 gallon tank..but not as big as those!!!

  4. The linked story is from last year. He was raising the rabbits for North Korea. Imagine putting a leash on one and taking it to the local dog park!

  5. I swear that rabbit is as big as I am. Makes my crying over Thumper sort of irrelevant after all these years.

  6. Its fake

  7. That's NOOOT a Bunny, that's a Gorilla ! JAYKAY. ;DD

  8. Well, maybe if he feeds them with some hormones ...

  9. holy crap

  10. it cant be fake cause on the first picture there is a little bunnt next to it so it is REALL and big

  11. it's not fake. they showed him and his bunnies on animal planet, so unless they are animatronic they are most certainly real.

  12. Those poor rabbits! Look how he's holding them! WHAT A BASTARD!

  13. It's gorge .I want one they're so cute! I saw one in a zoo once i considered smuggling it home but it was the same size as me at the time so my plans we scuppered..

  14. I would pet it and stroke it and love it forever just like the bugs bunny episode

  15. Me: That is a perfectly humane and acceptable way to hold rabbits. The scruff of the neck is loose and fatty. Same with cats. Surely you've seen a mother cat carrying a kitten by the scruff of its neck?

  16. Woooow! huge. I want one for christmas. :p

  17. I bet that animal would fit my house down its throught!! My cousin had a big rabbit once, bet it was only half as big!!

  18. I have a little dutch dwarf, man....he's a pain to clean up after, I couldn't imagine the giant nuggets this guy leaves behind! lmao!

  19. wowza those are huge rabbits!!!

  20. Snark: are correct...but its still nicer to hold them somewhere else...By The Way.....If someone started holding you by your neck because it had a lot of fat on how would you like it......

  21. Bunnies on steroids o.O
    That man's holding him like a pest. Damn him

  22. i have one of them rabbits but its only 7 months old cant wait till its big scare all the cats of my garden BASTARD CATS!!!!!!!

  23. Those giant rabbits are Beautiful, I just wonder how much they eat & if they bite ?

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