Duffel Bag Coffin

Duffel Bag Coffin

Found at pagog

7 Responses to "Duffel Bag Coffin"

  1. o-o you can take your dead loved one on a trip 😀

  2. this is what i want... if i die... don't spend a whole lot of money on a big fancy funeral... just shove me in a duffel bag and toss me in the hudson... nothing says i love you like a 10 dollar burial.

  3. errr... what exactly are the handles for?!

  4. I don't understand.

  5. umm Kinky, you know every womans wish is to be dead and stuffed in a duffel bag!

  6. it is for what ? so big.........

  7. it is like a sleepping bag

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