Super Schooner Server

Waitress Carrying 12 Beer Schooners

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  1. This is Bavaria, Germany. Each stein contains 1 litre beer.

  2. Please don't even consider asking her to an arm wresting challenge.

  3. The woman of my dreams!

  4. Well, here in Bavaria these waitresses are common (though not as common as they used to be). You see hundreds of them on the Oktoberfest but also on every fair that has a beer tent with waitresses. And some of them are real beauties and still manage to carry 8 mass (a little over a litre) of beer. Add to that the mug which weighs more than a kilo each and they easily carry around 20kg around.

    And yes, she would beat you in arm wrestling ūüėČ

  5. Order up!

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