What's Your Hobby?

Taxidermy Hobby Kit

Squirrel Taxidermy Mounting Kit

Taxidermist Kits by WASCO

Found at Tiggyblog

5 Responses to "What's Your Hobby?"

  1. Oh man. I'll bet that sold a bunch. Who in the world would want to be a taxidermist as a hobby?

  2. "The deer rump mount is a great way to pay tribute to all the ones that got away."

  3. useful for making shit like this :

  4. I'd love to be an artist of taxidermy, it's not entirely a blood-full art as many people believe. It's a misunderstood form of decoration.

  5. Taxidermy is a wonderful way of preserving a part of an animal that otherwise would be wasted.

    Too many people like to 'band wagon' issues, and they are participants in 'group think', (which, according to Mark Twain - is weak), rather than to take the time and energy required to formulate and present their own individual thoughts and beliefs.

    (The same thing happens to fruitcake at Christmas time. There is and was nothing wrong with fruitcake in the first place. Please refer to the 'band wagon' portion of my comment above.)

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