Chinese Jerboa

Four-Toed Long-Eared Chinese Jerboa

Long-Eared Jerboa

Found at Scribal Terror

19 Responses to "Chinese Jerboa"

  1. This little fella is so ugly it is cute!!

  2. Amazing! I almost fell from my chair laughing. I agree Heather, its incredibly cute and so weird!

  3. I totally thought that thing was photoshopped, but its real! It's like the land version of those deep sea fish that are so bizarre they look fake.

  4. What a weirdly cute kanga-rabbit-rat thing. ๐Ÿ™‚ I've never even heard of these critters before.

  5. That's just freaky looking!

  6. Its like what would happen if one of my rats mated with a kangaroo!

  7. i remember in high school we learned about these and we had a whole class debating with our teacher that they weren't real. then for the rest of the year people would randomly yell jerboa. it was awesome.

  8. Is it a small kangaroo.... ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. darn, had i see this post earlier, i could have answered that jeopardy answer correctly. this ugly little creature was a question on there this past week

  10. this aint real.. its photoshop

  11. I want one!

  12. i want one!

  13. This is a brilliant website, but its incredibly annoying reading comments by people who have no idea between photoshopped pics and genuine ones!

  14. It looks like a spinifex hopping mouse, with the same tail even!
    I'm Australian, and have actually patted one of those little guys.
    Come to Aus if you wanna see one, LOL! =]

  15. It's not photoshopped, people, it's real. Jerboas (or gerboas) are desert rats, related to hopping mice and kangaroo rats.

  16. That thing would scare the hell out of me if it jumped on my bed at night.

  17. It looks like a mini kanagroo has a kid with a jackal and a gerbil!

  18. its a kangaroo rat with really big ears though but i think thats what it is

  19. it is real ive seen one before in real life and trust me it is so ugly and at the same time cute!!!!=D

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