Dead Whales..

Bizarre Children Book - Dead Whales Cant Wave Back

Childrens Book by Bob Staake

Found via The High Definite

6 Responses to "Dead Whales.."

  1. And the Japanese are to blame. I agree.

  2. Dead cattle and chickens can't either!

  3. We should only eats plants, No fish, birds, and anamals.

  4. that aint funny and btw Amy, you spelt animals wrong. stupid. go buy a dictionary.

  5. 1) Terry - Whales are endangered, I don't believe cows or chickens are. Also we don't chase cows or chickens for miles then spear them with explosive harpoons and let them bleed to death in agony.

    2) .. and the Norwegians, Icelanders, Greenland, Faroe Islands and every other whaling nation, especially those who hide behind the label of "scientific research" for what is actually purely commercial activity.

  6. I'm half Japanese and I love whales! Especially whale bacon! YUM!

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