Daredevil Skateboarder

Found via missico

9 Responses to "Daredevil"

  1. wow that kid has guts to skate to that steep street and seeing it the road ends... well he is a thrill seeker for no one in his right mind skate that dangerous stunt.

  2. Funny, cool, sweet, BRAVE

  3. Evil Knievels childhoof days...

  4. DUMB ASS........ but it would be funny as hell!!!

  5. dont do it!

  6. dude that would be awesome to do... probably kill ur self though...lolz!

  7. The waters look calm shit I'll try it!!!

  8. Like miranda said kid, don't do it!

  9. Nooooooo!! There is no "Road Ends" sign. The kid will miss it!!

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