Sponsored Contraceptives

Condom Sponsors

Found via Pyzam

11 Responses to "Sponsored Contraceptives"

  1. wakaka so funny

  2. Pringles for me! HaHa!

  3. Is it taste like the sponsor?

  4. finger lickin good!!!

  5. hahahaha!!! i think the engerizer is the funniest!

  6. One more: Peugeot Condoms: The ride of your life!!

  7. should've gone with McDonalds "I'm lovin' it!"

  8. nice, nice, nice 🙂

  9. nice!!!!

  10. Toyota - "Oh, what a feeling.."
    UPS - "What can brown do for you?"
    J.C. Penney - "It's all inside"
    CVS Pharmacy - "Expect something extra"
    AMC Theatres - "Experience the difference"

    Sears - "Come see the softer side..."

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