Collage Pieces

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  1. That is really amazing!

  2. who is the artist? its driving me crazy!!!

  3. I've tried several different searches but haven't
    been able to find out who the artist is.
    If you have any luck, please let me know.

  4. kinda creepy...

  5. looks like neil duerden,


  6. Dennis, Thank you!!

    Neil Duerden does similar work but
    I think the artist is Alberto Seveso
    He also has a shop with some of his prints here.

  7. An amazingly refreshing job in collage. There is a sense of 'lost in wilderness' kind of feeling in the picture much like the spirit associated in all the collages. Who is the artist by the way?

  8. The sustained enormous psycho-sensual imagination is beautifully expressed in this Surrealistic art.

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