Clean Kitten

Cat Bath

Found at Izismile

8 Responses to "Clean Kitten"

  1. ET Phoned home and look what he brought with him

  2. AWWWWWW, look how little! And those big eyes

  3. Gremlins are back!! HIDE!!

  4. reminded me of what my siamese kitty (now 6 years old) use to look like when he would get his weekly bath. He liked the water but he was a runt (no more) and when he got wet it was pitiful! but so cut!! he's my huny..

  5. you guys need to stop about gremlins are back!!! it is just a little helpless kitten getting a bath

  6. O my gooood It's sooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee and funny tooo!!! XD n_n

  7. Oh my, what a cute sight.

  8. Dobby.

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