Chromed Hummer

Perspective Photography Of Toy Hummer

Perspective Photography Of Toy Hummer

Found at English Russia

15 Responses to "Chromed Hummer"

  1. Nice effect. It's a great reminder that things aren't always what they seem.

  2. i want that car its pretty


  4. jajajajaja
    Muy bueno...

  5. Godzilla vrs The 100 FT Dork

  6. woah! that guy's HUGE!!!

  7. ohhhhh nice car. but this man looking like king kong.???

  8. wow hot car i like humers already but this makes me want to steal it.

    OMG i am scared. (its not the man i am scared of its his face):D

  9. o my what happen to that hair is losing ^_^

  10. That is very nice . I like this car

  11. That hummer looks like the original big one in the first picture, but then in the second one i got to know that it was just a chromed version of it. Really great picture to see. Thanks for sharing it....

  12. hOoooo!

  13. I can't believe people actually thought that the first picture was a real Hummer. I knew from the crappy chrome which makes it look like a toy car. Ipso Ergo, it's tiny.

  14. Прикольно получается, если не смотреть на 2-ю фотографию

  15. we must capture that giant!

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