Scuba Chihuahua

16 Responses to "Scuba Chihuahua"

  1. OMG as a Chi owner myself that is hilarious!!

  2. LMAO!

  3. Somebody DID that. They really, really did.

  4. These pics made my day! Thanks!


  5. That is cool. It looks so real.

  6. Does the SPCA know about this? Don't tell 'em, 'kay?

  7. Aww, that's so cute!

  8. If you gave that dog a teeny machine gun, it could be a Navy SEAL.


  9. That's a great pics!!! Thanks for making me smile...

  10. I want one for my Chi!

  11. It's cute, I just hope they don't actually plan on putting the dog in the water.

  12. This is wrong sick and wrong!!

  13. This is so cute how do u train the dogs to scuba Dive

  14. i agree with bethany...little too much!

  15. OMG...This looks like it could be my dog, Romeo! So cute!

  16. nice pranq tanqa.

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