Changing The Rules

Funny Dogs Allowed Sign

Found at Snuzzy

9 Responses to "Changing The Rules"

  1. Cute!! 🙂

  2. looking through the portal

  3. i guess dis doggy thinks RULES are meant to b BROKEN.....

  4. Aww, totally looks like my dog Charlotte!!

  5. cute

  6. Hey, this is your dog, and yah, it was me!! lol just kiddin, had to say something

  7. it's a chauawa

  8. Win!
    (Cocker spaniel. Definetly.)

  9. cute!! wish i had a dog like that. i got two mini poodles but spaniels like that r the best. i look after my bff's spaniel though, so i'm good 4 now 😛

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