Caviar Burger

Caviar Burger

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  1. This arts from McDonalds Russia advertising...

  2. looks good

  3. i thought that was jelly


    Do you people know how they get these eggs?

    They breed female sturgeons in filthy crowded tanks or nets, then when they are gravid they slice open their bellies and rip out the eggs, then throw them back into the tank. If the sturgeon survives they do it again when shes gravid next time.

  5. caviar is yummy

  6. I love the taste of animal suffering.

  7. That looks salty as all get-out.

  8. I love it !!! I wish I could eat it but I'll need large amounts of butter. Also, it is not recommended to eat so much caviar (ikra) because it could be "heavy" on the liver ....

    but in normal amounts (no pigging out) its wonderful too bad it costs alot so I have to eat the salmon one, no black once for me ...


  9. @"me"

    I hope you don't eat any animal products then, because that is how 95% of the consumable animal products in the United States are produced.

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