Cat Nap Mask

Cats Eyes Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask by FreakyOldWoman

18 Responses to "Cat Nap Mask"

  1. Yay! Thanks for the feature!

  2. I love her stuff! It's fun, silly, and functional.

  3. FreakyOldWoman is awesome! :))

  4. Love this! Great find.

  5. Nothing beats sleeping with FOW (her mask, that is)
    Freaky Rocks!

  6. freaky old woman is the best! we have three of her masks!

  7. Eeeeeep!
    Love it!

  8. Go Freaky! Go Freaky!

  9. Wait til you meet her in person, then you'll see what she's really like. DIstant, selfish bitch she is.

  10. She stole her mask idea from the ELLEN show. Shame on you Dawn.

  11. Hi, awesome, it looks like an real eye of the cat.

  12. I saw you here on Found Shit Yay for FOW!!!!

  13. Hi:very funny picture,cute!

  14. Freaky was first Dixie...not Ellen.
    Maria? are you smooches?

  15. Oh. I love this mask! Freaky was making them WAY before the Ellen show featured some!!
    Freaky is a good woman - don't be dissin' her Maria. Really not nice of you.

  16. Hehe what next??

  17. great!

  18. I love the cat

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