Reversed Roles

Cat In A Bird Cage

Found at cybersalt

9 Responses to "Reversed Roles"

  1. This site cracks me up.... you have a great sense of humor! good job!

  2. I can't even imagine what the cat had done to get in this predicament.

    Awesome picture, though..

  3. The canary must be on steroids

  4. ha ha ha thats funny that bird must be strong lol but its cute

  5. wow... that cat looks PISSED

  6. Funny, but it doesn't look real. Kali, I don't think a cat is stronger than a bird. But it does look pissed at the bird and the canary.

  7. Why are you people thinking the canary is holding the cage? The cage is sitting on a table, dorks.

  8. Haha @Snark good point!

  9. canary: "i tho i tho pussy cat??!!"
    cat: "......"
    canary: "i did i did!!!"

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