Chameleon Cat

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  1. I can't find it D:
    Please help?

  2. i can't find it either. that's one heck of a chameleon cat

  3. i find it. just under the green leaf at right of the picture. in front of the rocks wall.

  4. i had to google to find a better image - then to find someone saying where it is. but, really, blur in this image makes it EXTRA difficult to find - even when you know where to look

  5. He's here ->

  6. Oh my god, that is SO well hidden! I was looking at the green leaf thing xD

  7. ha! finally found the cat in question. right below the rocks on the right side. i googled the image and found a larger photo. it's hard to see the cat here coz the photo's slightly smaller and blurrier

  8. now that i see it i feel like an idiot for not noticing it sooner

  9. i thought it was a prank, just to get people to waste their time looking for a cat thats not even there.

  10. there really is a cat here

  11. yah. . i saw it too. . its sitting on the front of rocks wall facing on left . . i barely kissed the computer monitor just to see it closer. . hehe

  12. I was starting to think there was no cat, and it was intended to make people feel stupid by staring so long, lol! but wow,.... there it is.

  13. wow is that a face i see just over halfway to the right and a 3rd up the pic

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