Camo Cow

Camouflage Cow

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Found via Play Us Out

8 Responses to "Camo Cow"

  1. thats a bull not a cow.

    if it was a cow its 3 tits missing

  2. yeah, maybe "camo cattle" be'd better.

  3. It is beautiful.

  4. those are some huge bull testies~!

  5. stick a c4 to it and make it run

  6. That's not just any Camo, That's an advanced pattern known as Multi-Cam. Created by a company called Crye Precision Fabrics. The colors digitally fade from one to another and drastically reduce silhouetting in combat environments.

  7. Golly! A pattern which is advanced! That's so much more exciting than a non-advanced pattern, isn't it? And I guess when the bull moves forward, it's advanced even more, right? And how about that digital fading trick! I didn't realize colours could fade digitally. So that means number appear when the sunlight bleaches the paint, right?

    Got any other boring and irrelevant stats for us, retarded fanboi?

  8. Wow thats just what we need, fat hefers in war. YEEEE HAW!!!!!!!

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