Cactus Couch

13 Responses to "Cactus Couch"

  1. really unique couch..haha
    you have a great site .where do you find all those picture

  2. bet the dog wont lay on that

  3. Is there a company that produces and sales these couches?

  4. A very unique Couche. I wish I can buy something like this and I will let my visitors sit in this couche so that they can remember always the cactus in their butt.

  5. Yeah that is a very unique couche, Very interesting to put it in your living room.

  6. Hope they don’t have children!

  7. ouch.

  8. It is like the glamorous society, beautiful though...

  9. I saw this, And chills went down my spine

  10. LOL

  11. ouch couch

  12. Made of rubber? Or similar soft, resilient material?

  13. It's the punishment couch. See, when the child misbehaves, he will sit on that couch and watch the trilogy of the"lord of the rings."

    It should be effective XD

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