Watching Time Pass

Bulldog Watching Goldfish

Found at Rumpers

8 Responses to "Watching Time Pass"

  1. This picture could be also entitled : "Hypnotized"

  2. In this picture dog is angry with the people. He feels hungry but the fish is in the gloss. He didn’t have permission to eat it. If he broke the gloss and eat that fish then his master will beat him. Now he think that he done some thing like this that he eat that fish and his master didn’t told him any word. Are you agreeing with me?

  3. Mebbe, Sam Martin, mebbe

  4. dog is BORED!!!! that is all dont have 2 make a whole story out of it damn oh by teh way u suck at spelling and u also need 2 proof write at u say dude big time

  5. Petco ad?

  6. 😀 It cracks me up to see someone criticize another person's spelling with typos in their own comment…and using chat speak! LOL 😀

  7. Oh! The picture...too cute!

  8. how I wish I had a beautiful dog like this!

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