Welcome To Bobs

Bob's Grill Restaurant Sign | Eat And Get The Hell Out

8 Responses to "Welcome To Bobs"

  1. Now...thats a real friendly place to eat!!!

  2. great honesty

  3. I live just 3 miles from that place!

  4. lolll how is it doing? does it get a lot of bussiness?

  5. Is there good food? I mean if you've eaten there

  6. The food is good this is a small restaurant in a tourist area (The Outer Banks of NC) and you don't make money having a bunch of people sitting around over one cup of coffee and BSing for 3 hours...eat get the hell out...go sit on the beach if you want to chat.....but clear the seat for the next patron 🙂

  7. Ohh they should have that in any restaurant with a Buffet

  8. they should say what they really mean....... lol

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