Blue Streak Glacier

Blue Streak Ice Glacier

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  1. Beware of that curtain! Behind this cold and lifeless window sleeps the king of death.

  2. thats cool I wish it fell and hit the people cause my step dad was on that boat

    wat does that other comment mean from roxy indie

  3. damn! that does not look safe..why are they that close.

  4. that's beautiful but what is causing the blue streaks?

  5. woaaahh thats cool... I'm guess it's not actual blue streaks but it's because the glacier is melting and the drips coming down are melting the glacier behind it and that makes big indenty things and then you get shadows which look blue .... mmm I don't think I'm making sense... to google! xD

  6. It is actual blue stripes...some are green, brown etc. Causes of stripes very from water melting and freezing immediately giving blue & sometimes green stripes which can be either vertical or horizontal; brown stripes are caused from dirt etc. I did know the whole cause but it's been sometime since I studied them. You can google this and type in colors caused on icebergs. Facts are very interesting to discover ...I kid you not!

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