Graffiti Clean-Up

Waterloo Station Banksy Graffiti | Cans Festival, London

Graffiti by Banksy

12 Responses to "Graffiti Clean-Up"

  1. 100% creative! i like it

  2. lol this has some deep meaning that i'm too shallow to fully understand

  3. What's difficult about it? It's modern man power washing ancient artwork.

  4. I`m so impressed by the hard work done by people who actually CARES enough to clean up the city. Its just amazing what these new apparatuses can do these days.

    And the so called "art", grashitty or whatever, some idiot (probably born yesterday) tainted the beautiful modern stonewall with; is a disgrace to human development. I mean, just look at the terribly looking doodles on the wall..YUK!!

    All graffiti is ugly. I have NEVER been fooled by a piece, like I have with real artistic works of art.

  5. no wait.... *click*

  6. the man in the painting is PART OF THE PAINTING you dumb asses. THIS IS ALL ONE PICTURE. god, just when y ou thought people couldnt get stupider.

  7. I have never seen anything like this

  8. Is that a sidewalk? At first glane it looks as if it's a canvas painting, but looking closely, I realize it's graffiti, isn't it? It's beautiful! It has dual meaning! And it's so deep. Pictures do say a thousand words in silence.

  9. This is an awesome piece of work here . I love it

  10. (TRÅLL0L) this is from a artist called banksy and he is knowing all over the world for his street art .every one of his bits on art work has so meny means more than some of the shit in art galleries . and the doodles on the wall are meny to look like that i take it you never seen caveman art google it . and he is so good that art he is one of the best in my eyes

  11. The meaning is--
    The man is washing off the ancient cave paintings with a high pressure water jet because Banksy believes this is similiar to how people wash off Graffiti art today, back thousands of years ago, this was someone expressing their thoughts on a wall.

  12. @TRÅLL0L
    You are a moron ... This piece of art it from a grafiti artist called Banksey, all of his art has meaning like this and is a known legend across most of the world (especially Europe) He originates from Bristol, UK google BANKSY and see if you change your mind

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