Bald Tattoo

Bald Head Tattoo

Found via Tattoos by Masami

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  1. I have one word - WOW.

  2. that is so cool! This dude sure has a sense of style!

  3. that is just two cool even better when i saw the hand holding the ball

  4. Photoshop

  5. Scott Epic, why does everything have to be photoshopped? Must there be a Photoshop comment for each pic?

  6. It is an M.C. Escher print.

  7. Gotta be photoshopped, way to similiar to the exact gif you can find online to be real

  8. Is not a gif, is a draw made by the dutch artist Escher. Pretty cool, uh?


    Mine to be exact, thanks for the great comments.

    I submitted this to about six years ago.

    go to the web site and search Ranger_Rick, there you will see the proof.

    I challange anyone to find this pic online dated earlier!
    (you can't)

    Thanks for all the Props 🙂

  10. Photoshop? Said:
    Scott Epic, why does everything have to be photoshopped? Must there be a Photoshop comment for each pic?


    If the goof got out a little more insted of comenting on all of these pictures he might see something new

  11. I also agree it's a photoshop. The tattoo doesn't follow the shape of the head, and it looks exactly the same as the one Kat von D. made in Miami Ink. BTW: I am Dutch, and I thought Esher was German....

  12. AND: Why would a hooligan like the one on the picture (he's bald and look at his ear-ring) want an artwork like this on his head?? I've seen hooligans with an EYE or a SKULL on the back of their heads, but never one with a nice peace of art like this.

  13. @koi-lover

    Way to stereotype. I have pink hair, piercings, and tattoos and I have M.C. Escher's 'Bond of Union' taking up most of my back and I'm working on a half sleeve with 'Looking Glass' (this drawing).

    p.s. I don't have any skull tattoos 🙂

  14. that is sick! love escher!


  16. This is NOT photoshop. This LADY, shes bold because of cancer, got this tattoo from one of the tattoo artist in the realitytvshow Miami Ink!
    I think it was Ami James.

  17. hannic, you are an idiot. Original picture here:

    Undoubtedly is photoshop.

  18. reid_h, you are a rude slut.

    And that stubbly head has obviously been photoshopped over the original tattoo. Look closely at your link... you can see the pixels!

  19. erm. . . did no one else note the guy up there (Ranger_Rick) who admitted to it having been photoshopped by him?

  20. Yes, khybershell, unfortunately he's full of shit as I have seen this photo in various books about tattoos that I have read over the pas few years, and it was submitted by a tattoo artist. I also feel the need to add that it was NOT Kat Von D.

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