The Time Is Now

Always Now Clock

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  1. Where to get a clock like this..... now now now clock?

  2. where, where, WHEEEREEEEE??? I WAN'T THIS CLOCK!!!

  3. How can I order this clock?

  4. Where can I purchase this clock or a photo of this clock?


  5. I made this clock for my friend who owns a cafe in Richmond, Surrey (Tide Tables under Richmond Bridge). I have some more just like it. They cost £45 each (+p&p). Please email me if you would like one.

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  7. Hi Caroline,

    I am interested in purchasing the NOW clock, can you please tell me the cost and if there is a way to purchase it from the united states, or are you in England??

    Thank you kindly.

  8. I love this clock! Please contact me. I would like to purchase one!

  9. I would also like to order this clock. How can I get in touch with Caroline Cadenza?

    Thanking You in advance,

  10. Hello
    Sorry - I forgot all about this website and I've just seen these enquiries about my clock. Anyone who's interested can contact me me on my email address:
    I have some spares of the clock and I could look into posting them.
    If people live in London, I'd rather meet you and give you the clock to avoid breakages!

  11. Hi
    Yes I would love to order this clock - so cool! My motto is "now is now" so its just perfect. Please contact me with the details.

    Lori Tauraso

  12. I'd love a now clock please! Tell me how!! 🙂

  13. I'd love a clock like this, how can i get one?

  14. I would like to purchase this clock but I live in California USA how would this work?

  15. The clock you see in this picture is a one-off I made for my friend's cafe in Richmond, Surrey (England). I have some other similar designs - please email me at and I will send you pics of the designs I have in stock. The one in this picture is proving so popular though, that I'm thinking about making some more just like it. So watch this space!

  16. Right! Here we are - I've managed to make another clock just like the one I made for my friend's cafe. £100 first come first served (it more or less cost me that in time and materials just to make it!). I'm really hoping you can meet me in London to collect (my last attempt to post a clock went horribly wrong). Paste the following link in your address box to a see photo. Don't be confused - I have an alter ego 'Laura Lavish' on Facebook!

  17. Hi Caroline, I don't know if you remember me but I emailed you last year about this clock. If this new one is still available count me in. I am based in London and am happy to meet you!

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