He-Man Toothpaste

Whiskey Toothpaste

8 Responses to "He-Man Toothpaste"

  1. gross

  2. before i leave brush my teeth with a bottle of... whiskey

  3. "rinse with instead of water if you prefer"
    great, next thing they'll think of is the bacon brush.

  4. oh man, gross indeed

  5. Wow...someone happened to watch an old Joan Blondell film called "Traveling Saleslady" and thought that the movie's farcical premise - alcoholic beverage flavored toothpaste - was actually a good idea.

  6. Damm! i want such a toothpaste *badly* ;D

  7. Haha smile and say, "DENTURES!" Lol this is an alcoholics dream.

  8. they solved everything with whiskey back then.

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