Wasabi Wakes You Up

Wakes You Up With Every Bite | Wasabi Chips

Wakes You Up With Every Bite | Wasabi Chips

18 Responses to "Wasabi Wakes You Up"

  1. Aaaaaahhhhhhh! I would never, ever buy those chips because those ads are creepy.

  2. woa those are so creepy.. i hope they fired whoever thought they would make a good ad

  3. Creepy is the word on my mind too. Looks like an acid nightmare to me.

  4. Those ads are almost Aliens creepy *shivers*.

  5. creepy, I saw these ad and I wont buy the chip. ugly ad.

  6. ooohhh...that's just way too freaky!

  7. Great Pictures, it's funny.

  8. Oh wow. I'd love to know what the advertising execs where thinking that day. I'd say an acid trip was involved.

    Yes! Creepy!

  9. I love bizarre! I told my oldest (13) he needed these to help with his pimples. LOL

  10. But the ad shows you, that the taste is very hot. ๐Ÿ˜›
    it shows you that you will be awake when you eat it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. it's a good photo manipulation, and for me it's an effective ads to show that it's spicy.
    great one

  12. amazing ad
    I would like to try these chips

  13. It's a little bizarre, but the special effects are a quite well-done.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Nothing makes me hungrier for a product than the prospects of miniature hands growing out of my face if I eat it!

  15. If the colors/theme had been bright (and wakeful) like the chips instead of horror-dreary, it might have helped. Also if the models had been awake-looking & grinning instead of pained/tortured-looking. Instead of pinching the cheek, hold up the grin. The eyes one would have been fine if she looked willing instead of horrified. So many ways this could have been better...good idea, poor execution.

  16. Lol Funny. Good picture but I do not think I would ever try the chips..... I mean my brother tricked me into trying wasabi and I nearly flipped out by how spicy it was. Then he was being so mean when he gave a bit to one of his cats....... but it was funny the way the cat reacted to it. Flipped out running and drooling everywhere but i really felt bad and helped the poor thing out.

  17. these ads are disturbing, really

  18. i bought postcards like that in paris france only the whole image was full of snakes not wrists and hands.

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