Bundle of Joy

Vintage Chatty Cathy Doll Remade Gothic Style

Artist : DLMarian

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  1. well that's a doll I'm glad no one ever gave me.

  2. This is one scary looking doll....I wouldn't want for my dollie collection...:)

  3. Oh Crap, that is a creepy picture.

  4. Wow...don't think this one was intended for a child....

  5. Hauntingly beautiful doll.

  6. I think it's kind of cool. Creepy & I'm sure she's not meant for children, but as an alternative to corporal punishment, you could leave it in the closet and only bring her out when the kids are being bad =)

    The artist has done a bunch of macabre style dolls.
    I'll post another in a week or two.

  7. Beautiful, I want one!

  8. Woah, this doll is creepier than The Happening.

  9. Wow, a zombie doll ... scary but beautiful

  10. Oh My Gosh! It is a very unique, well painted, "pretty in a weird-sort-of-way" doll... But I cannot believe anyone would do that to a Chatty-Cathy doll! (I think that is what it is!) Unless, of course, it wasn't in good condition... or some odd sort of person paid me lots of money to do that to a classic doll Lol... I am a HUGE Chatty Fan... but none-the-less... the doll is definitely unique.

  11. i want that for my birthday that would go with the holiday which is halloween

  12. I love it so much. I do stuff like that to my dolls. I'd love to be able to just buy one ready like that, cus it's really annoying having to go into shops and buying like a really girly doll then making the clothes and dying the hair and stuff. I'm like 14 and I wish they would do stuff like this mainstreame cus all the supposidly "gothic" dolls either look really slutty, or like freaky and unbeautiful ๐Ÿ™

  13. Beautiful!!!!!

  14. i have a gothic doll like that but if you pook my doll in the eyes the eyes leek blood

  15. oh, talk about doll mutilation

  16. Thats the coolest shit since beetlejuice

  17. Beautiful thank for Zombie doll

  18. Amy: You're 'like, 14'?

  19. This is an amazing doll. I'm 16 and into the occult/dark/gothic art and fashion. I can't find anything like this in stores, even gothic stores. I would love to have one.

    And Amy, i know what you mean about making your own dolls. The clothes are incredibly hard to make so i have my family look for gothic looking clothes in the thrift store and any hand-me-downs that would fit my dolls.

  20. omg, she is so cute... i love that doll...

  21. wow So cute i wanna have one

  22. I repair and repaint vintage Chattys such as I had as a kid. I have to say, I really like this Nightmare Before Christmas doll. Quite stunning.

  23. My Cathy doll was my most prized possession. Given to me by my favorite aunt Emma.....Awww, she still looks good as a Goth...

  24. Lol! If only my sister could see this..! For some reason she's terrified of porcelain dolls since she was a kid. And i'm talking about normal porcelain dolls! So imagine what she would do if she saw this one!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. eeew if some body is goth here its better for you to be aa emo like me

  26. hello i am just inquiring if i could please get some information on u and your art? because i am an art student an i am into all the gothic death art and i make them into a real life. and i really enjoy looking at your pictures and admiring them. you give me inspiration for my art work!
    and i have a massive assignment that i have to do on two artist. and i have chosen you for my project. and it would be great pleasure to do it on you. and so i would be very thankful if you would be able to give me information on how you started and what inspirited you to do this and all the average info ๐Ÿ™‚

    thank you so much i really would appreciate it and thank you for your time

  27. ebony,

    You might want to try to contact the artist directly through her website: http://www.darkcreation.com/infoevents.html

    It's not likely that she would see your inquiry here.

    Good Luck!

  28. its amazing i love it

  29. I hope that's not a real Chatty Cathy doll you painted over. Do you have any idea what those things are worth?! That's like a 50,000 dollar doll BEFORE the Goth make up ruining it.

  30. that is one scarryy looking dol
    im glad thats noht mine
    and by the that looks like your mum.....

  31. Scary... it can be a some kind of punishment for lil kids to look at but i think that she beautiful in her on twisted way

  32. gothic death

  33. OMG i love it I want one, do you sell?

  34. Wow, I love it. That's fantastic.

  35. It's cute ! I really love it !

  36. This doll is soooo pretty<333

  37. RIGHT. There isn't enough darkness/sadness/dysfunction in the world - now we have to make gloomy sadistic looking dolls! It's troubling what people consider "art" these days.

  38. very bad...

  39. i would like one too

  40. I am a collector of D.L. Marian dolls and no one comes close to creating a dark art Doll than Donna. http://www.darkcreation.com

    She is a world renowned artist.

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