Sleep Standing Up

Vertical Bed

Designed by Ernesto Neto

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  5. [...] Designed by Ernesto Neto, this bed allows you to sleep standing up. link [...]

  6. It may sound funny to some but I get the science behind it since we spend most of our lives in the standing position it only makes perfect sense to sleep. That way since most people work 8 to 12 a day on they feet. The human body might function better overall sleeping standing up. There's no telling how healthy we would be if we all started sleeping standing up. I see in the future people would try a new way of sleep by 2050 give or take. My email is rozell if you want to talk about anything.

  7. Does anyone know if one can actually buy this bed? My boyfriend sometimes can't sleep for days because of excruciating back pain that is much worse lying down. 🙁

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  9. This site is an answer to my prayers. I have an inoperable neurofibromatosis tumor in my lumbar spine that completely renders me unable to sit or lay down for more than a few minutes. I've had no decent sleep for months.

    Does anyone know whereabouts in Adelaide, South Australia, I can buy that white cushy vertical bed?

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