Hamster Teamwork

Hamsters Working Together

Found at buckaroos

10 Responses to "Hamster Teamwork"

  1. So cute!

  2. Wow that's an unreal photo. A moment any photographer wet dreams of at night.

  3. how romantic...

    anything for love 🙂

  4. amazing art work!

  5. aww!

  6. photographer? Sully, don't U mean photoshopper?

    how many rodents are hanging from a thin flower stem??

  7. cute hamsters

  8. Obviously fake, but beautiful.

  9. Muy lindos me encanto el del panquesito re tierno ajjaja yo tengo uno se llama Goyito Peludito jaja es re tierno bueno como estaba mirando fotos de hamsters lindos entre aca y bueno. Bye Besitos♥

  10. totally cute but 2 fake 2 b true <3

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