Life In Photos

Found at Design You Trust

Similar to 'Wolf & Pig' by Takeuchi Taijin

7 Responses to "Life In Photos"

  1. Cool, but too long!

  2. Coolest thing I've seen this week:)

  3. [...] A journey through time. Following is a great video of a Story in stop motion. 60.000 pictures, 9.600 prints and shot over 1.800 pictures again. Amazing! [...]

  4. "ME Said :
    Cool, but too long!"

    It's 3 minutes, you really can't concentrate for that long?

  5. WoW amazing and to the person who who said it was too long (ADD) Adderall does wonders retard!

  6. from someone who's seen way too much.. that was awesome.. the best ive ever had... it was life, the best of it, and completely perfect, as we all know it goes way too fast.. that was the best video ive seen so far... kudos to whomever put that together... it was awesome, and perfect... good luck to all who enter this race we call life! may you finish with no regrets!!!

  7. For some reason i cried...

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