Zipper Tongue

Photoshopped Split Tongue Zipper

Photo Manipulation by April Mae

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  1. I think I will have nightmares thanks to this picture. *shudder*

  2. Wow... how could he do that?

  3. that's pretty cool. i like split tongues, but i could never have it done.
    i'm a wimp.

  4. Oh god no.

  5. Holy cow! I guess my daughter's tongue piercing doesn't bother me in the least now...

  6. OMG, I had a deep visceral reaction to that photo...

    lol...not cool.

    haha πŸ˜‰

  7. I guess when she's asked to 'zip it', she can...

  8. OMG, that must have been painful! Is it right to conclude that this guy now talks with a lisp?

  9. this is really disturbing...-_-"

  10. idiot

  11. As a society, I really thought that we had moved beyond bifurcation.

    But if you Google that word, you will know that it can be much, much worse.

  12. eeeewww!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i can't imagine my tounge with zipper.. it looks gross

  13. WTF thats sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. that's HOT!

  15. that is actually fake.
    look it up on snopes. it's photoshopped.

  16. EW! you know how much food would get stuck in that?! i cant even imagine how they clean it! disgusting!

  17. lol, idiots πŸ˜€ even after someone writes it's fake, I can see foolish comments πŸ˜€

    I think such body modification is not possible. But if it was possible, it would be ΓΌber cool πŸ˜€

  18. Haha Mouse, I totally agree with you.

  19. is it even real?
    that could have been done with simple editing techniques.

  20. OMG!
    thats weird!

    can you zip it up?


  21. The split tongue is real but the zipper isn't!

  22. Hahaaa Thats cool. I've seen this elsewhere though, it is photoshopped. it would be awesome if you could actually get that done.

  23. That's freakin' disgusting...

  24. haha bunch ov idiots
    thats not even real [=

  25. It has to be photoshopped but my tongue hurts looking at it.

  26. photoshopeddd! =)

  27. WTF...... R u thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is super crazy and sick wit it! ...................... can u actually zip up ur tounge......

  28. can u actually eat wit dat thing??????????????

  29. u retards; cant you read??? itS FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. the tounge split Is'nt fake! I HAVE TOUNGE SPLIT! but the zipper can be fake, i am not sure, but the tounge split IS REAL!! i had my tounge split last year.

  31. hello?!?!!?

    it is TOTALLY FAKE!

    obviously it is edited just look at the light source and at the SHADOW OF THE TONGUE ON YOUR LEFT...


  32. OMG..

  33. Wow! That's cool! How can you do that? Although that's photoshoped, but it looks real. Amazing technique. o.O

    Hey, the SHADOW IS NOT FAKE. The light is from the right side. I wonder how to make it looks so real. It's very amazing trick.

  34. that thing must really hurt!! πŸ™

  35. the zipper is not real! But u can really split your Tongue

  36. same person but different picture cuz the piercings gone
    so it might be real

  37. Its amazing . . . yukh !!
    seems to b edited

  38. there is no way that is real, it has to be photo shopped,

  39. Sorry to disappoint you stupid people
    But the zip is photoshopped and it clearly says that underneath the picture
    Seriously, learn how to read

  40. woah that is weird, i bet it was painful. i cant believe its real!!!

  41. oh god

  42. Sorry, and I hate to say it, but her angel bites are REALLY crooked. I'd die if my snakebites were crooked.

  43. Thats probably a fake tongue. no one would get that done. They dont do that stuff.... and im not a wimp. i have my nose pierced and my tongue and belly button and eyebrow twice.

  44. im a piercing freak baby

  45. BLURGH.
    that is a pretty awsome piercing if i dont say so myself πŸ™‚


  46. hey half of yall are retards it is photoshopped and u people who realize its fake and say u cant put a zipper on it think again i know a person with a split tonge that got a zipper on it and it actually works!!!

  47. This is awesome!
    I think thisd be hot as hell on a person :]
    Id love to meet anybudy who actually has this done!

  48. All ya gotta do is cut it in two!

  49. i dont know what made you get that in your tongue......

  50. that kool but omfgosh i would never do that. it looks too pain ful for me to handle......




    stop...... i looks scary now,...... i need to turn to page now bye...

  51. C'est trΓ©s joli.
    Une douce langue enfin πŸ˜‰
    A +

  52. wow. this is amazing. good on yah

  53. That just plain see some idiot do that to ur selves...feel sry for ur dad/ mom

  54. omg.. thats is so so not real!!

  55. This picture is really cool!!!

    I think i might get this done

    All mii buds have their tounge done but not this πŸ™‚

    I must get this done πŸ™‚

  56. EEEWWWWWWWW! that is the most nastiest thing i have ever seen! ewwwwww y wud anyone ever do that???

  57. its photoshopped you idiot

  58. will you marry me??

    pleaze respond immediately.. πŸ™‚

  59. Even though its fake, it still looks really gross. I dont see how anybody could ever split their tounge. Ugh. So yeah.......... When i first saw this picture it made my tounge hurt for the rest of the day, it also made my stomach turn. Well im out.... PEACE!!!!!!!

  60. their angel bite is crooked and it looks like shit....other than that the zipper is mad cool

  61. You are so crazy

  62. O.M.G.

    IF this is real this is just the stupidest thing a person could do in the name of fashion! wth is gonna happen when they go lookin' for a job?

  63. I think the better question here is, assuming that they're not just photoshopped too, who the Hell did those Angelbites? I mean, they're not even KIND OF straight.. . ..

  64. I love it ... Its different and even though its a fake zipper pierced into that tongue...its a statement. A picture that sturs up different opinions and views. The eeewwwww and ahhhhs. Be open minded and except a difference out of the norm. Zippered tongue or not... Jus zip it. Just cuz u wouldn't do it ur quick to say ill or nasty. Lol.

  65. Besides the fact that most of you guys are stupid for not going to the "original split tongue photo" link beneath the picture and noticing that Yes, this is probably photo shopped (at least the zipper), that they actually do split tongues, this photo is pretty cool, and I love the reactions it's caused. I would never get this done, the pictures on the other site were really graphic, but anyone who has this done: Go you for expressing your self the way you want to!!!

  66. Woah. if this
    is reaal ?
    i want one !
    - Tesla <3

  67. will that hurt like hell when your eating? or do you just not eat ever?*shivers* glad that the full metal alchemist (Ed)(mine) does not have one like i said ew........

  68. lol this is random do not pay any attention to it....I Used My Chinese Star To Pick The Locks And Steel Your Car! P.S. im verrry

  69. omg u guys are soo stupid for thinking this is real damm u guys dont know the difference between fake and real shit i never heard something so stupid but i musty admit it is pretty cool

  70. that is nasty and i would not do that them people that do that and they are crazy or gone crazy or probably is kinda crazy

  71. Even though its photoshopped... i really want someone to go get a working zipper. that'd be awesome.

  72. lol you are fools
    you know this is fake right??

  73. thats amazing

  74. Disz Isz Very Disturbing ! -_-"

  75. its a photoshop everyone duh

  76. This is cool but that person i so retarted..

  77. ouch ouch ouch ouch....even if its fake i cant help thinking OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shudder* ugh...seriously i hope this is never possible! it just seems sooo ugh masochist.

  78. dat shit look like it hurt....dam

  79. stupid stupid stupid.. that is very stupid and rediculous why would someone want to do that? What is the purpose for doing that? If you think it is cool, well it is not cool at all.

  80. who would kiss that?

  81. Wow this is flippin sweet!!!

  82. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! doesnt that hurt! if i got my tounge periced i would just have 1 hole but ew!!!! i could never do the spilt tounge!!!!!

  83. haha his piercings are crooked xD

  84. the angel kiss on right was a pimple blemmish they copied and pasted the peircing from left and put on right....look closely same peircing

  85. and it is a girl.......assclowns

  86. Yes. It's fake. I created this image for a worth1000 photoshop contest.

  87. hay if u can split your tong and peirs ur touneg then why cant u do this it would bother me cuzz the dangily part on the end but its kinda pritty

  88. OMG!!! I want that .. lol πŸ™‚ i have my tongue pierced.. but that looks super awesome.. how do i get it like that πŸ™‚

  89. is that real?? thats awesome... and your monroe piercings are not straight... just thought i would point that out πŸ˜›

  90. has anyone else notice the angel bites are kind of off balance....

  91. actully for all the people who say this is fake, i know the GIRL who got this done, i have no idea why she did it but she did n it is 100% real.

  92. hello all you ppl that think this is real cant you read??????
    Photo Manipulation by April Mae

  93. Why is the zipper at the wrong end?
    If it's a manipulated photo, it could at least be accurate.

  94. Its fake, its been photoshopped and im actually not lying!

  95. that is so nasty eww eww ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  96. that some trippy zippin going on there girl well done.

  97. "Photo Manipulation by April Mae"

    I think thats the obvious clue that the pic is fake......

    Learn to read tards!

  98. READ!!!!! the tongue is real but the right piercing and zipper is fake!!!! it was photo shopped... i got proof. plus only goth people would be a piercing like that

  99. OMGGG TO COOL I WANT ONE:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  102. Um it says right at the top photo manipulation, so its obviously photo shoped

  103. That is BEASTLY!
    Man, If that were real, that would be totally amazing! πŸ˜€
    That's even better than tongue rings!!! AWESOME.

  104. amazing zipper!!!

  105. some of you actually think this is real. WTF. GET A GRIP......!

  106. even though its fake its def possible after split tongue surgery... my cousin had it done... the only idiots are the ones insulting people for simply saying its gross real or fake it is gross

  107. Ohhh if it was deliberately done, then I would say she's is Sick, sick, sick. Self-mutilation is so 20th Century.

  108. Omg you fools, It says "Photo Manipulation by April Mae" Pfft.

  109. I kind of want one πŸ™‚

  110. this looks lush i seriously want this done and to all you who think its horrible it is actually , please tell me how:L you lot are ruffless :/

  111. Each and every commenter on here are idiots !
    fckin airheads.

  112. ouuuuchhh! lol it looks so painful! how do you cut your tongue in half and then attach zipper to it :/

    what a decision to make, congrats dude (y) πŸ˜›

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