Anti-Treehugger Slant

So-Called Global Warming | Starbucks Coffee Cup

Global Warming Starbucks
Message by Chip Giller

c/o Ravi Khalsa

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  1. Love it - great way of getting the message across without the feeling it was rammed down your throat

  2. The sentiments are perfectly expressed on an over priced, disposable, über corporate coffee cup with all the critical and serious thinking expected therein. Tell us again false prophet, how the tenets of your faith will save us all? But this time can you do it on an ecologically friendly Prius?

  3. Um, duderino, I'm pretty sure that the whole point of putting it on the cup was to bask in the lovely irony it's preaching.

  4. Um, no it wasn't. Duderino has nailed this one on the head. It's not an "inside joke" or "irony", what it is however is disingenuous.

  5. Some of you really need a life. It is irony plain and simple. Those of you trying to have an intellectual debate about it need to either get laid more often, or go outside more often. The choice is yours.

  6. Im impressed with Starbucks, They have really become a player in improving the environment, helping communities abroad, AND people here in the United States. Who knew corporations could do such a thing. lol

  7. I'm with Give it up. It's just a coffee cup, and one that gets people to read past the first line. I actually think it's quite clever.

    And aren't the coffee cups going to be made whether he writes a comment on them or not? He's not hurting the environment at all.

  8. nice message

    the cup could be made of recycled materials
    it's biodegradable

    the lid however is not too earth friendly

    they should put these messages on (reusable)
    travel mugs

  9. The thing is called irony 🙂

  10. Dude I wish this was true, it is not about that it is about control, one world government, higher taxes and hypocrisy.

  11. Global warming is a big deal if you didnt know!
    trying to stop it is like saving ur life!

  12. Nobody denies global warming is happening. The argument is about the cause of it. Global warming and global cooling are a natural part of the Earth's cycle. In fact, every planet in the solar system is warming up right now to some degree. YOU CAN NOT STOP CLIMATE CHANGE.

  13. Yes you can stop global warming by recycling cans, not burning fuels of any kind, stop the factories in the world, start using your feet to go to work, go outside and do exercise save your water bottle. Right now the polar ice is melting and the ocean levels are rising. PLEASE SAVE OUR PLANET FIRST YOU START THEN THE WORLD WE ARE ALMOST DEAD PLEASE HELP IT

  14. very ironic and very funny. love it


    Your a dumbass who is completely in denial . Obviously Global Warming is happening, no one would waste their time on making Antartica melt && I hope your happy you just made an ass load of people think this is true, now there really is NO hope of changing our world ...

  16. Jerkkk!!!

  17. North Pole is a Jerkkk!!! Looooser

  18. here's some more irony mr Chip Giller:
    tree-huggers banned DDT, because it's bad for the soil and birds... so the malaria mosquito had a green environment in Africa!

    global warming = just a joke
    we need to be responsible w/ the nature and keep it clean; f*ck the politics and their propaganda/alarmists/money ;]]

  19. I don't agree with this message at all. I am for reusable mugs and recycling anything that can be recycled. Little by little everyone can make the world a better place. Wake up anyone that believes this nonsence.

  20. I wish what it says on the cup was really what the environmentalists were doing. However, their actions go in the opposite direction. they are falsifying studies about the environment, making up stories of how such relatively trivial acts as driving a Prius instead of an SUV or assorting garbage is going to save the world (which essentially does not appear to need any saving) and then scaring and even bullying people into doing what they convince themselves to be the right thing. also, the populist politicians and especially the media, which has time and time again proven to shift their stand to whatever is fashionable at the moment, have not been of any help in displaying the reality of the situation. environmentalism appears to have become the new religion of the century, spreading thoughout the population as a virus.

  21. The climate IS changing, it IS being made worse by human action, the change CAN be greatly altered by human action, the action required is NOT terribly onerous and mainly involves doing things that are beneficial to us anyway.*

    *The actual point of the message on the cup, in case you missed it as several commenters above clearly have.

  22. Communism was just a secret ploy by Lenin and Stalin to end poverty, give us all jobs, wealth, free medical care, and a happy life. Don't let them get away with it!

  23. Idiots will believe anything these days.

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  25. Remind me, just how much "Global Warming" has there been these past 17 years??

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