Reclaimed By Nature

Library Reclaimed By Nature

Artist : Lori Nix

15 Responses to "Reclaimed By Nature"

  1. This is really cool!

  2. I rather like that. Looks quite peaceful.

  3. jumanji?

  4. where can i get this

  5. There's leaves everywhere! (D'ya see what I did there?)

  6. I wish I could go there and not come back.

  7. anyone get the connection between the trees and the books?

  8. Beautifulf trees, beautiful books- wherever that is, it's my home planet.

  9. Wasn't this in Logan's Hunt?

  10. This is just a copy of an Otto Frello work. I couldnt find the exaxt work, but if you like to see more from the real artist visit;


    take a moment to watch each of them, they are full size oil-piantings taking a year or more to complete

  11. Oh wow that's amazing. I love that!!

  12. I love the picture of the library!

  13. This is also on the album cover of Ruins by Nebular Spool

  14. Is this Detroit? I think it's a photo-shopped imagined image [very fine] but it resembles a lot of photos of the ruined city of Detroit Mich known to the ancients as "Motown".

  15. it looks like the library in the first level of devil may cry ... where are the scythe ghosts?

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