Playboy in Braille

Playboy Braille Edition

Found at afrojacks

8 Responses to "Playboy in Braille"

  1. Playboy in braille. Are the pages stuck together in braille also?

  2. Stop it!!! LMAO!

    And I'm guessing that some of the braille bumps have been surgically enhanced?

  3. I was thinking it was produced incase
    the regular version makes you go blind
    Good on Playboy for making their content
    more accessible to their readers.

  4. Well, combine men and Playboy, and it IS all about the hands, now isn't it?

  5. do the boobs pop out too? o.O disturbing..

  6. oh right, because people actually *read* playboy..

  7. i do ^^

  8. It's Blinkin's mag from Men in Tights.

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