Pizza In A Cone

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  1. wow, pizza in a cone...who would have thought? wonder if it tastes just as good?

  2. mmmm ... count me in! Sweet! (I mean spicy!)

  3. Jesus whoever thought that up is a looks so so so gorgeous.

  4. OMG we have one of them shops around the corner from me, I think I might have to go try one out, I always walk past the shop but never eat there, yes sure I will try it next week and link to here for the hell of it!!!

  5. I've eaten one and burnt my mouth to no end.

    I wasn't a fan.

  6. Go to you don't know what you are losing...Maolo, Naples (IT)

  7. That looks like the recycled version. Yuuuuuuck!

  8. Wow. Great no mess pizza. Looks Great....

  9. Like Fragileheart said -

    Seems like a wonderful idea - till you bite into the center and get a mouthful of scalding tomato sauce, burning away your tastebuds and paralyzing your tongue.

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