A Little Rest

Pillow Ring

Pillow Ring

Designers : Sae Shigeto & Lenny Ming Lo

via Geekologie

8 Responses to "A Little Rest"

  1. That's very cute and interesting! I bet they'll sell a lot.

  2. very clever idea x

  3. neat..I want one!

  4. haha i could do with one of those for school!

  5. hahah .. im in school. I'm so gonna buy one. Mr.Kunkles class is such a drag .. xD

  6. im soo going to buy one to zzzzzzz... all day lol

  7. Well, so my classes are "such a drag" ?
    Watch out ladie, be carefull with your words!

    And this pillow is such a great idea.. for those that doesn't want to finish school!!

  8. You nailed her, Kunkles!

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