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Tattooed Pigs

Art Farm Project by Wim Delvoye

87 Responses to "Tattooed Pigs"

  1. at first i thought this was cruel
    but from the looks of the pics, the pigs dont seem to mind afterwards eh.
    i guess they sedate them and practice tattoo'ing since pig skin is so close to human skin?

    definitely strange but i guess it's harmless?

  2. I think it's cruel. Tattoos hurt for days as they are healing.

  3. I think it's horrible. Tattoos are painful and to subject the pigs to it is cruel. They probably look happy afterwards because the immediate pain is over with.

  4. the pigs are sedated while it's done. It's not cruel

  5. branding hurts too, so do piercings, and farmers and trackers do both of these.
    just because they have the same skin as us doesn't mean their sensitivity to pain is the same.
    the awakened tattoo'd pigs don't look bothered at all.

  6. What is it about humans making other creatures suffer for their own vanities? I hope these people come back as pigs who get tattooed.

  7. Good thing you didnt post of the use of pigs in the army ... these people would go PETA in a blink.

  8. even sedation causes undue stress upon the animals. this is cruel. there's no need to be doing this.

  9. People who interpret 'smiles' on other animals are responsible for lots of cruelty: dolphins and parrots in cages "look happy" but they are miserable. To put a toattoo on any creature that has not chosen to be tattooed is disgusting - period.

  10. Ease up Judas, millions of animals are slaughtered daily. A tattooed pig should be the least of your concerns at this point.

  11. Well Said Cody. How many of you actually have tattoos?
    Its common for artists to practice on chunks of meat, which are then wasted, therefore the meat wasted in vain?
    Tattoos may be a bit sore for some people after but if they sedated during the actual tattoo is done. Trust me, millions of animals are branded, clipped, chipped, ear and noes tagged yearly, compared to a tattoo the pain during never mind after is nothing. At least these pigs are loved, fed, treated well and will have a good life with the owners while doing a great service to art. I am against Animals Testing to most extent but this just doesn't appear the same. The fact the animals have a fantastic life other than while being tattoo'd proved they are loved and actually have a much better life than 98% of pigs and other farm animals out there. So get off high horses and start complaining about injecting monkeys, bunnies etc. with neurology drugs that slowly kills them painfully to a point where their eyes bleed and brain disintegrates... sounds a lot worse than a tattoo eh?

  12. Man, if you guys are worried about animals feeling pain while being tattooed, you should never have your pets spayed or neutered.

    As a wiser man than I once said: "Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something."

  13. This is so horrible!!! Why would they go about tattooing my food?????!?!?!?!

  14. LOL I'm with Cody on this one.. they seem happy, and how do you know if the pig was in pain what if they sedated him for the healing process to.. lol burger king

  15. this is so sad we can say if we want a tat but the pigs cant say no can they and the sad gits that do the tats should be made to be tattooed from head to toe and the bits that hurt the most and there she should be a law passed against this for the pigs

  16. this is just wicked and very cruel !!! you only have to look at their eyes to know theyve been sedated!! humans get tattoos through choice, not because they have been unwillingly drugged!!!

  17. Pigs have very thick skin. I used to work with pigs. It takes a lot for pigs to feel anything. Next time you see a pig, slap its rear and see if it even acknowledges you. That slap would feel like a pat to us. I would bet all my money that pigs don't feel it at all.

  18. Never thought about practicing on a pig, as a new and upcoming tatoo artist , I think Ill see if I can get a local farmer to let me practice on his pigs. I already practice on underage kids , if I mess up , its their fault anyway . Ive misspelled poems, and painted weird emblems on backs, even tattooed my initials on one young girl, she never saw it , you cant see it unless your in a perfect spot, something only her lover would see.
    Anyhow, thanks for report

  19. For Christ Sakes, you pussies need to get real. We kill pigs and other animals everyday for food. Chop em up and eat em. Them pigs are gonna get it either way. Get a brain! Morans!

  20. Humane? WTF are you going on about. My concern is that these artists are opening themselves up for future law suits since I highly doubt these pigs signed the waivers. What if it gets infected, or god forbid one ends up getting Hep C? These porkers are going to to run straight to the courts.

    Protect ya neck.

  21. Tattoos DO NOT hurt for days!! They don't even hurt when you're getting them. At most its uncomfortable for a few moments depending on where the tat is. Geez people!
    Apparently you don't have any or you would know this!
    Animal shelters have been tattooing the animals they adopt out in case they get lost so they can return them to their owners. There is nothing wrong with it.

  22. Roy D. Mercer, you're an idiot. Yeah, we kill animals for food everyday, but that doesn't mean we should go about prolonging the inevitable with tattoos. You don't go out and mess around with the cows before they're hamburgers, do you? These people with concerns are not pussies. I'm no vegetarian, but animal cruelty is animal cruelty. Dress it up however you want, Buffalo Bill wannabe.

  23. "I will not apologize for art!"
    A famous llama.
    With a hat.

    The name of the artist widely recognized for his tattooed pigs is Wim Delvoye as stated below the pictures. Look him up and read / see what he does.

  24. @sensible: these pigs will not end up as food in fact.

    This is part of a modern art project by Wim Delvoye. Now I hate modern art as much as the next guy, but in this case the facts are interesting.

    yes these pigs are sedated and tattooed. Afterwards they go on to have a lovely life on a spacious farm with lots of outdoors. They live a social life and are lovingly cared for, as compared to the ones who DO end up as your bacon.
    When they die of old age they are skinned and the tattoos are sold.

    Now which pig has had to endure the most? Your bacon piggy or Delvoye's artsy piggy?

    Neither eating meat nor tattooing skin is a necessity. So you seem very selective in your concern.

  25. These pigs probably live a better life than any who are born and raised for slaughter. Im going to bet they are spoiled other than the tatooing and are lucky.

  26. While tatoo's might be painfull i belive their life is better than being wholesale slaughterd. And tatoo's are not that bad..... better than a bolt to the forehead

  27. Do you people hear youself? just because other animals are exposed to greater amounts of torchier does not give them the right to inflict a 'less' amount of pain on an animal. That does not make it acceptable. there is always a third option! No human inflicting pain option.
    But i stand conflicted, i want tattoo a few paragraphs of my fav poem to show my support i have for animals but if they practice on animals im contradicting myself right? ive been wating this for months and only just found out about the use on pigs ๐Ÿ™ Poem:
    I will never see the sun rise, I will never see the sun set
    I will never feel a kind touch, I will never be a pet,
    I will never feel love, for i will nver be loved
    As im lead to my murder, being pocked prodded and shoved,
    As they cut my tender skin, i wonder who will care
    If anybody out there will consider my despair.
    For you did not see my die, And you did not see me bleed.
    You did not see me cry for that meat you did not need.
    If you have not guessed im (newly) Vegan ๐Ÿ™‚ but i want to permanent broadcast of my passion for animals on me forever.

  28. I hope something terrible happens to this ruthless PIG Wim Delvoye. He and his team need to get a taste of their own medicine. I'd like to hold him down and tattoo the work PIG on his FACE! His "art" sucks, and the only reason he is getting any attention is because of his cruelty to animals. Harvest some talent instead of harvesting the animals (slaughtering them) and then selling their hide as a canvas. He said in an interview that he uses the pigs because they grow quickly and he likes how the tattoo stretches as they grow... He is even more worthless than the value he places on the animals. They are innocent and life is more precious than he and his team can comprehend. Look at them in the pictures holding them by their ears! F-you Wim Delvoye! I better not ever hear of you coming to my part of the world, TRUST THAT!

  29. hey, check the other work of Delvoye

  30. Kay so I guess I'll just sedate and tattoo your guys future babies because you know "they'll be sedated and wont feel a thing"

  31. Maybe The Pigs Like It...Maybe They Feel More Like Individuals Instead of All Looking The Same ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. yes these pigs are sedated and tattooed. Afterwards they go on to have a lovely life on a spacious farm with lots of outdoors. They live a social life and are lovingly cared for, as compared to the ones who DO end up as your bacon.
    When they die of old age they are skinned and the tattoos are sold.

    did all you butt hurt vegan fags read this bit or what, and what about the pig farmer who made comments on the thickness of a pigs skin and that they are not likely to feel it?

    you idiots dont even argue with decent facts and listen to the information being thrown at you, you just scream and cry like a bunch of religious freaks,

    bye bye bitches

  33. meh pigs have incredibly thick hides and most likely don't feel much afterward and it looks cool x) besides it's difficult to find people that'll let you practice on them

  34. well said Laura lol

  35. I wonder how many people who said this was cruel had pork within the past month....

  36. Pigs have an extremely tough hide and they don't really feel it. Same way with cows that are branded or a horse. Yes reply with " but they yell" not from pain but because they are held down or penned so they can't move while its happening. At least the pigs are sedated, and they wake up beautiful lol

  37. cool, pigs look happy enough to me. and for those doing the work a true artist needs a medium to practise on, most tattooist id think are genrally kind and like animals. if they were not the tattoo bussiness would not be where it is today and still be residing in dark ally ways with dodgy gang types

    its grown to a modern clean profession with respect,

    if ya want to moan about pig suffering, this is far kinder than how pigs are killed for food. get a life, and respect those who know more than you, idiots

  38. Awesome, I would love a huge set of skull n crossbones on the side of my pitbull. He would think its tough as hell also.......

  39. why in the WORLD would you do this?????????????
    You are the scum of the earth.

  40. pigs skin is way different then human skin...I've heard that pigs skin is so thick that they don't feel anything at all. if anything the sedation is probably used to just keep them from wandering off.

    If this is for certain, then i see no problem with it.

  41. ugly. stupid. inhumane.. that is these people must not be human. No different than holding a dog or a human against their will, that's what they are doing, holding an entity against it's will. Good point that farmers brand and tag their livestock but doesn't mean any of this should be done. I'm a vegetarian (to avoid chronic lethargy) and don't care that it was done, or that it is done, all i can think about is who some of us are.. Tat a human for free and i suppose that would be considered 'losing money'?!

  42. That is terrible, people can be really mean creatures

  43. Can't believe this people are so cruel so what if they're sedated (which causes problems in animals) the pain afterwards must be horrible. as humans there is a certain upkeep we have to do to make sure its fine something they can't do. Not to mention that from the pictures they're living concrete rooms.

  44. What are these pigs used for? Unlike many of you seem to think, pigs are not kept for milk. They are used for meat or breeding. Either way, the tattooing would be stupid to do because it would contaminate the meat and milk (and therefore future young).

  45. Its not cruel..And K. you are an idiot... Tattooing does not contaminate the meat.. or milk.. Pretty sure there are lots of Tattooed mothers out there that breastfeed.. Hopefully for us, you do not breed

  46. I think we should have the technology these days to practice on a material that is like the human skin and not practice on living things especially living things that can't consent to at tattoo.

  47. I agree

  48. Sick Sick Art, i hate this artist, this is not art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  49. I keep reading about "pig skin is thick, they can't feel it." Yes their skin is thick. I have a pet pig myself. When I take her to get a shot she FEELS it. Right when the needle touches her skin she lets out a LOUD cry. Soo.. just saying.. they would definitely feel it. Poor piggies.

  50. This is HORRIBLE HORRIFIC, oh no it doesn't hurt, well if so then why is someone twisting the poor pigs ear off to make them stay still. Utter IGNORANCE, these people need to get a real job, and if they want to tattoo something then then can ink themselves or their idiot sidekick's that are witnessing this terrible thing. Makes me sick!!!!! PPPPPEEEEETTTTTAAAAA needs to take a look at this.

  51. Peta kill 85% of animals at their shelters. nuff said

  52. Those pigs have some pretty bada$$ tattoo's.
    Everyone who commented on here needs to et over themselves. I'm sure tomorrow you all will have forgotten all about this.

  53. Well I practice on Pig feet but at least the pig is dead works just the same rather than use that fake skin .

  54. I love tattoos but this is too cruel. I hope PETA doesn't get a hold of these.

  55. If your only going to leave a comment and not actually stand up for the cruelty of animals, shut the fuck up. Don't rant if your not even willing to do something. It's okay to sedate your dog get his nutts chopped or her cut open and removed.. But the person who sedated a pig and tattoos them to get better I order to not fuck your skin up is shitty. What ignorance. It's proven pigs have tougher skin than humans. A pig can sit in the sun it's entire life fine, we will burn and boil. Yes it's not how it should be done, but should we kill them to tattoo I unloving flesh like people do? These pigs have good life's, not murdered for food or art. Your comment is not going to make a difference, there still doing it right now. Your acceptance doesn't matter- no one gives a shit how you over dramatic "animal activists" feel. If your not for PETA- shut up because your only ranting. You got on here and looked JUST to run your mouth, your not saving a pig by bumping your gums lofl but you will take your dog to get fixed?

  56. Btw, PETA has already seen this if you have.

  57. Hahahaha tattoos feel more like an annoying kid scratching you than pain. Also, they dont hurt days after or even minutes after they are complete... There are worse things that could be done to these animals.

  58. I agree with the animal lovers! It's cruel to sedate pigs, thats why we should save the barbitiuates for humans! I bet they would love to be wide awake for this! Oink oink tattoo's done! I'm hungr,y and now I want bacon, Thats the real tragedy here I have no bacon.

  59. These are some good looking pigs!
    Hunters can't use normal bullets on wild boars (pig's cousin) as they simply don't go through. Do you really think pigs can feel a poxy needle. Our skins are soft, not theirs, get a clue ipod lovers!
    Animal cruelty makes me sad and shouldn't be done, this is simply man and animal bounding.
    Love tattoos, love pigs, love people...

  60. If I were a pig, I would want to be one of Delvoye's free range tattooed pigs, I'd look fly with my trampstamp and have a bunch more room than any of my unlucky agribusiness porker brethren!

  61. Those would make some awesome pork rinds.

  62. why human are so selfish - if you want to practice practice on human
    what did the poor living being did to you
    why we have to treat animals as if they had no feelings
    have some respect for life

  63. this is goose i dont care who thinks its ok . its not . to do it for no reason is dumb. u can buy pig skin to practice on. i have more tattoos than most people and i think tattooing a pig is cruel. its hurts relly bad when they get infected and u know there not keeping a pigs tattoo clean. i mean they role in shit they cant keep there tattoos clean it just isnt logical

  64. Pigs have a very high pain tolerance i bet they don't even feel it.

  65. yes , mabye they don't feel anything, but that dosen't mean people should make them have it, it normally has sick ,ugly , noncareable (new word) old farmers as their owners and i mean we all might think that pigs don't do much but still its their choice and people who number one are insane by doing that because one day the pig will still probbably die and even if not then will the farmer and number two if the farmer doese and makes a tattoo on a pig like I said if the pig dies or even if NOT its just WASTING MONEY if you dont have nothing to do with your life dont steal someone elses even thought they are not a human being

    fewwwwwwwwww , that was a long rush......


  67. ... ...LoL...
    I don't even know if I should reply to that last post. Wow. Anyway, this is a great idea and don't be foolish people. These particular swine are actually very lucky considering the average pig's life span. Not only that, but they are beautified prior to departure. LoL even though I have much to say regarding this topic I must refrain because I'd rather not deliberately insult anyone. Ironically when I was a kid I worked in a pork slaughter house and that people is mortifying. Not tattooing a sleeping animal. Also, if you eat pork, you have absolutely no business flaming those who may agree with this process or like it. Preparing the dead flesh of the animal you ingest is the horrifying process. Get over yourselves.

  68. Animal testing... Nice... ๐Ÿ™

  69. Tattooing a live pig is wrong. Unlike us humans who choose to undergo being poked thousands of times with needles, pigs do not have a choice. Yes, they also don't have the choice to get their canines filed or tails docked but these are called necessities although it may seem cruel. just because a pig looks fine afterwards does not justify cruelty. anyone who has been tattooed cannot deny that it has been raw, itchy, or irritated. You are damaging skin tissue and unnecessarily risking infection. How is tattooing a pig not cruel? if sedating someone and tattooing them without their permission was considered completely ethical then why aren't there more tattoo artists doing it? Their practice humans won't feel a thing!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  70. OMG! poor pigs!

    i know how they do it.

    they put the pigs asleep and tattoo them

    great art

  71. i really great to read all the reraktions here

    jim does a great job


  72. oh no

    i miss type

    his name is wim!

  73. Show some respect for the animals! For art reasons wtf! There are a lot of fruits like yellow mellon, that is close to human skin and you dont't have to do something against the animal wellness...

  74. You are the biggest assholes on the planet.. Practice on your self now that is some real human skin. I hope you get the worst crap on the planet.... and feel lots of pain

  75. Animal testing!!?!?!??! F*** YOU!

  76. This is terrible!!

  77. You're all a bunch of idiots lmao. PIGS HAVE THICK SKIN!!! TATTOOS DONT HURT AFTER THEYRE FINISHED!!!!! Stop being sensitive twats and open your minds. Its art.

  78. Why not just tattoo the pig skin when it's NO LONGER ATTACHED TO THE PIG. You can get hold of the skin as a byproduct of killing a pig for meat. This is a very common practice!! Do the above pigs feel pain? How do we know - did anyone bother to ask it?? This is a potentially (probably) cruel use of an animal and it is completely unnecessary!! If a living creature's skin needs to be tattooed, even for practice, it should be done on a human. At least they get a choice.

  79. Your all being just a bunch of over sensitive weirdos. Chill out, Its tattooing. I'd rather watch them do this then watch them kill the animals, at leats they get to live longer.

  80. Using, abusing and exploiting animals, is just wrong, no matter which way you look at it. It is my choice not to eat meat, as it is also the choice of many to eat it. But there are far more humane ways of treating our food animals than the present practice of industrial farm factories. Groups and organizations for the ethical treatment of animals around the world are only asking for just that, ethical treatment for all sentient beings. It is my opinion that we, as "intelligent" beings, and stewards of the earth, need to protect innocent animals whenever possible from the cruelty of man. The intelligence and sensitivity of animals is quite
    incredible. At the very least they should be treated with respect and dignity, as should all sentient life. If you want tattoos go ahead and have them but don't force them on others. As for the "art" aspect, I agree that tattoos can be very creative and artful, but truly, only an arsehole
    would do it to a real pig.

  81. There is many people out there that would be very happy to be your guinea pig...why don't you practice on them, then? Poor animals are not able to refuse your impositions, if you want to paint your body, it is art, if you abuse of innocent, it is torture.

  82. At first I thought its so messed up and cruel, but I have no legitimacy to complain as I eat meat. Slaughtering and being manufactured like products are same. Vegetarians can complain all they want, but I believe most ppl here eat meat, and those who eat meat has no right to say shit

  83. The president is drone bombing innocent.children to death, kids are starving in cities around the world, monsanto is poisoning the land and food, Japan is nuking the ocean, Haarp is changing the weather, chemtrails are filling the sky, the ozone is deteriorating, the constitution is being trampled by tyrants, our "rights" are being stripped, its illegal to drink raw milk, or collect rain water, but we should ALL be worried about some tattooed pigs, besIde we are all just stupid sheep right... Smh

  84. oh please.. I have three humongous tattoos and it does hurt but afterwards nothing.. what really hurts it the process and if these pigs were sedated during the process, its all good..

  85. This is cruel. Of course it'd be painful and stressful for the pigs.

    No exploitation of animals to the detriment of their well being is okay.

  86. Why don't they tattoo their own ass? and leave the animals alone? That's the reason why there are natural catastrophes, because human beings do not respect the animal kingdom. Speciecists that think they are superior than animals.

  87. this may not be something i'd encourage, but if there's any pain medicine given, it's certainly better than practicing on dead pigs.

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